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ANTARES TRADE – Deskripsi: Antares is a platform that promotes investment and MLM companies, digital products and startups in the market using a network marketing model. Antares Trade opens opportunities for anyone around the world to become Antares Independent Business Partner, anyone can be part of Antares.


Antares runs globally starting March 4, 2020 and Catalyst has been operating for 26 years since 1994. This year Antares expands throughout the world including Asia and Indonesia.

FIRST : The official company / Real Company has been operating since 1994 Shell Catalysts and Technologiest where you can clearly track the company and offices and have customers in every country throughout Indonesia, not fake companies or fake investments.

SECOND : The profit given between investors is very logical and makes sense, because Antares has 100 professional traders who help manage and develop your investment funds with minimal risk and profitable deals.

THIRD : This is what is interesting, there are 2 options between them, namely Passive and Active, you don’t have to be active because you can still get daily profit. Do not interfere with the main job as an employee who does not have much free time, just deposit an investment between them, then you can just enjoy daily profit for 200 days.

FOURTH : If you develop a business with the concept of networking by introducing people to programs in between and investing and duplicating what you do, you can enjoy Promotions and Career Paths in between. And potentially reach the Freedom Finacial when the network is developed and enjoy the results at a later date as water flows without stopping.




  1. Already spread in more than 100 countries in the world.
  2. Has 100 professional traders.
  3. It has grown rapidly in Russia.
  4. Antares is an organized online platform that provides products and services from reliable & trusted companies.
  5. Investors and partners all over the world.
  6. Unlimited income and development opportunities.
  7. A continuous program, a new investment program will be launched for 1-2 months.
  8. Investment funds and profits are protected by Antares Capital Protection LTD.
  9. The marketing plan’s very strong resilience allows all investors to profit.


“Real Business, Real Company, Real Profit”

Smart – Profitable – World Class


  • Register for free
  • Productive when working from home
  • Business casual maximum results
  • No close points
  • No need to leave work
  • Passive remains profitable
  • There’s no need to leave work
  • No need for employee salaries
  • No need to rent a place
  • Without selling products
  • Suitable for all groups: civil servants, students, housewives, workers, laborers, artists and any profession without exception
  • Not a fake business / scam
  • There are bonuses and rewards
  • Business casual maximum results and many other benefits


” Want to know how and get big profits between them? “

Antares at a glance, Antares is a platform that promotes investment and MLM companies, digital products, and startups in the networked market. Antares has the exclusive rights to promote and market the financial products of the NZ company Shell Catalyst and Technologies.

NZ Shell Catalyst and Technologies is a company engaged in Trust and Asset management. Main business lines: Managing investment money then rotating it in the currency market, Cryptocurrency, stocks, futures market, precious metals and others.

2 Things Underlying Antares:

  1. Development of promotion and investment into the market using distribution networks.
  2. Based on the principle of a referral system and developing a progressive community to generate unlimited income.
  3. This Program Has Capital & Profit License and Protection to All Investors worldwide. Contract: 200 days 200% ROI
  4. Managed by 100 Fund Managers from NZ Shell Catalyst & Technologiest who have been operating for 26 years.
  5. Minimum withdrawal of $ 10 Anytime & 1000 $ Max per day
  6. Deposit Via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, Perfect Money & Credit Card.
  7. Clear company road map & planing until 2025.









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