Organic Soybean Milk

Organic Soybean Milk – Deskripsi Produk: Soy milk is a vegetable protein substitute for cow's milk for those who are allergic to cow's milk. The goodness of soy because it is a vegetable protein that is rich in benefits for our bodies.



Over the centuries, soy products have been a traditional diet of Asian people, from China to Indonesia. Not only that, soybeans are now also becoming popular among western societies who have a high level of concern for health and the environment.

With the protein content and various kinds of nutrients in it, soybeans have been considered as the perfect food.

During the last decade, we were shocked by the news that mentioned the large number of genetically modified soybeans on the market. Now you can get rid of your worries, with MELILEA Soybean Powder Drink.

This drink is in powder form, and is formulated from soybeans that are grown organically. You can make it with warm or cold water. With MELILEA Soybean Powder Drink, you and your family can enjoy the goodness of soy every day.

An Ideal Health Drink for Everyone :

  1. Vegetarians tend to lack protein in their diet.
  2. Children and adolescents who need more nutrients for growth.
  3. Individuals with lactose intolerance or sensitivity to milk protein.
  4. Parents who need additional nutrition.
  5. Office workers who need more vitality.
  6. Women who want elastic skin and beauty care from within.
  7. Individuals who like sports and desire to have an ideal body.
  8. Individuals who are in rehabilitation.
  9. Pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Every day, drink MELILEA Soya to achieve health!

MELILEA Soybean Powder Drink is made from organic soybeans grown exclusively on fertile black soil in the Heilong Jiang area, Northeast China. The nuts, which go through a strict quality selection process, are then processed by grinding, vacuum concentration and spray drying using the most advanced technology available.

This technology allows each nutrient content in soybeans to be maintained WITHOUT USING ADDITIONAL chemicals, preservatives, flavorings, and any colorants.

Nutritious & Delicious Drinks Every Day for You

  1. Natural soybeans from the fertile black soil of Heilong Jiang.
  2. High in nutrition and rich in protein, lecithin, and isoflavones.
  3. It has been peeled off, giving it a better taste.
  4. No artificial flavors and dyes.
  5. No preservatives and food additives.
  6. A delicious health drink for the whole family.

Nutritional Excellence from MELILEA Soy Powder Drink

  1. Made from Natural Organic ingredients : Natural organic soybeans, maltose and sucrose which are entirely taken from quality ingredients.
  2. High Nutritional Value : 100% natural organic soybeans, free from artificial colorants, flavorings, synthetic nutrients, and preservatives.
  3. High Food Technology & Safety Standards : Maintain authenticity and naturalness of soybean nutritional value; removes substances that affect our digestion and absorption of nutrients. Production is under the control of ISO 22000, the International Food Safety Management Standard which combines the core elements of GMP, ISO 9001 and HACCP.
  4. So Delicious, So Tasty : Exfoliation to get rid of unpleasant taste, retains its natural whiteness, aroma, and soft soybean taste.


Soybeans, Maltose, Sucrose

Vegetable protein provided by soybeans is a good source of protein because it has a PDCAAS value of around 0.90, where this figure makes soybeans sufficient to replace protein from meat (PDCAAS 0.92). Soy bean drinks are great for maintaining the health of your active family members.

* Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) is adopted by FAO / WHO as a method for measuring the nutritional value of protein in the human body. The highest PDCAAS value is 1.0.

Usage / Consumption method:

1. Cold and Fresh Soy Milk

Mix 3-4 spoons (or according to taste) of MELILEA Soybean Powder Drink with 100ml of plain water and stir or shake until blended. Then add 150ml of cold water, beat well with MELILEA Shaker.

2. Warm and Delicious Soy Milk

Mix 3-4 spoons (or according to taste) of soybean powder with 100ml of plain water and mix well. Then add 150ml of hot water, beat well with MELILEA Shaker.


You can also mix 2-3 spoons of MELILEA Soybean Powder with 1-2 spoons of our superior product, MELILEA GREENFIELD Botanical Drink Powder with 350ml of plain water, shake well with MELILEA Shaker.

Cara Order Organic Soybean Milk

Silakan menggunakan tombol-tombol yang telah kami sediakan di bawah ini untuk order Organic Soybean Milk. Terimakasih.

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